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How to Get Unstuck

After my divorce I found myself stuck in a story of struggle and overwhelm that I couldn’t get myself out of. I kept myself in a cycle of guilt and sadness and shame. I was living in self-pity. I was trying to get my coaching practice re-started and create a new life and I couldn’t…
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Is it Kindness or Indulgence?

Sometimes there can be a fine line between kindness and indulgence. I LOVE to drink fine loose teas. I have a morning ritual where I choose the tea I want, brew it just the way I like it in my favorite pot, then pour it into my lovely small cup and sip away. It’s a…
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Authoring Your 2018

How do you start the new year? Do you set goals? Make resolutions? Set intentions? Or maybe something else entirely. This time of year brings with it an excitement of a fresh start. I like to spend time at the end of the year celebrating what worked, letting go of what no longer serves me…
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