Authoring Your 2018

How do you start the new year? Do you set goals? Make resolutions? Set intentions? Or maybe something else entirely.

This time of year brings with it an excitement of a fresh start. I like to spend time at the end of the year celebrating what worked, letting go of what no longer serves me and being in gratitude for all of it. At the turn of the year I invite what energies feel like they are ready to emerge or what I am wanting more of in my life for the coming year. Some years I take the month of January and give myself more time for the process.


At the beginning of each year I choose 2-3 words to hold as beacons for the year. In 2017 I had three words – Presence, Pleasure and Beauty. I wanted to be more present to life each and every moment as well as to bring more of my presence to life. I wanted to live in deeper appreciation and reflection of beauty and I wanted to make pleasure a priority. As I reflect back on the past year I see where my presence had both positive and negative impact as well as the choices I made to take more responsibility for my impact and how I show up in the world. I had an experience in Mexico last January where I stepped into a deeper ownership of my beauty and the beauty I bring to others. I love to surround myself in beauty and can find it most anywhere and in anyone…and there is always room for expansion. While I take great pleasure in the small things – clouds, bird song, a soft breeze, the beauty of nature, loving my cat Jack – I fell short on creating more pleasure in my life. Pleasure is something I will continue to work on choosing and creating pleasure more and more. I am deeply grateful for the lessons of this year, the ones that came from the shadow and the ones that came from the light.

Beacons for the Future

In 2018 I’ve had four words come to me! BOLD, TRUTH, KINDNESS and MAGIC. This is the year for Jill to Boldly step forward, to be seen and to engage with life.. To live my Truth, owning and sharing my gifts. Knowing that I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to be 100% Jill, unapologetically. To be kind to myself. To be kinder to others. I have a harsh judge that lives in my head who I am tired of letting rule my life. I am now choosing to be Kind to myself in the way I speak to myself and the way I treat myself. I also choose to be kinder to others. And Magic. Ah, my inner magician is ready to take even more responsibility, have more fun, create the world and author the story that Jill wants to live. The story my Higher Self and Soul want me to live. A life where I boldly live my truth with kindness anchored in magic.

What energies are you wanting more of in 2018?

What is calling you?

Whatever it is I would love to connect and support you in your journey. Please comment below and let’s combine our collective energies to create a beautiful 2018!

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