Bravely Living Your One Precious Life

Yesterday I spent the day with a group of brave women from Speaker Sisterhood. Ten of them had big courage and participated in a Story Slam. All of us bravely get up and courageously share our lives while we give speeches in our individual groups. All of us live courageous lives. As do you.


A few weeks ago, in preparation for a speech on confidence, I asked twenty-six people to give me three words each to describe me. Courageous and brave were among the top three.


It got me thinking about what bravery looks like in our every day lives.


Sometimes being brave is doing something big like changing jobs, moving across country, beginning or ending a relationship. It may be having a difficult conversation with someone. It can also look like taking better care of ourselves or saying no to things that will deplete us, even when we want to do them.


As one women brave women talked about in her story yesterday it can sometimes look like getting out of bed and just showing up. Even in your pajamas!

It also got me thinking about the bravery and courage of my clients who are courageously doing the work to uncover their limiting beliefs and what holds them back from living a more fulfilling life. Discovering the story their soul came to tell in this lifetime.

What would the world be like if all of us were courageously authoring the story we came to tell in this lifetime? Living it moment to moment, day by day. Knowing that we are enough. Always! And forgiving ourselves when we don’t.


Today my heart is filled with gratitude for this courageous and tender journey we are all on.

The brave thing that I did today was writing this blog and sharing it with you even with all of it’s imperfections. While in my pajamas at 2 in the afternoon 😉


What ‘s one brave thing you have done recently or plan to do? 

Please let me know in the comments below.

I am here to support you in courageously living your one precious life in any way that you like.




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