Design & Discovery

Design & Discovery

Emotions are the operating systems of the future.

- Leza Danly, Founder Lucid Living

How it works

  • I’ll ask you to provide additional information before we meet, in the form of a questionnaire. This information will give me insight into where you are in relation to your STORY, EMBRACING EMOTIONS and EMPOWERED FUTURES.
  • We will meet over the phone for 2 hours. I will document our discussion with an audio recording and a summary of recommendations.

What you will receive

  • An understanding of what story you primarily are telling.
  • What the function of the story is.
  • What the more empowering story you want to be telling is.
  • What is getting in the way of creating that more empowering story in terms of beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings.
  • An emotional assessment.
  • An emotional map and ways to access your authentic emotions.


The journey begins with looking at the stories you are telling. To break free of old limiting patterns you first need to understand whether you are telling a Victim or an Overcoming story. Both are important stories rich with learning and clues to discover the Grand Design of your life.

Once you understand and dismantle the limiting stories then you can be free to start living more fully from your “Great” Story, the story you came to tell in this lifetime.

Embracing Emotion

Great Story Transformational Coaching involves a deep embrace of the emotional journey. Authentic connection to our emotions is the only source of power and change.

Emotional mastery is the key to our healing and to creating the life we long to live. Most of us have a limited range of emotions that are comfortable to us. Developing access to a full range of emotions unlocks the energies that keep us stuck in the struggle and overwhelm of life.

Emotions are a powerful guidance system. Unlocking the emotions we have denied frees up our energy and makes space for change to happen.

Empowered Futures

We all have many possible futures.

Learn how to engage your future as an ally in living your Great Story.

Together we will create structures that will help to feed and to grow your Great Story. Your Great Story is being told by your empowered adult. It is a story of authenticity, passion, triumph and grace that connects you to yourself and the Divine. It is a story of love, joy and freedom.


The fee for the Design & Discovery Session is $500 for the 2 hour session payable when the session is scheduled.


If you are unsatisfied with the Design & Discovery Session and believe you have not received full value as represented, I’ll refund your money, provided you have been actively engages in the process of learning, exploring and applying what you learned.

Schedule your design & discovery session

The Design & Discovery Questionnaire will take a little time to complete. You may want to clear some space and clear your head before you begin. Find somewhere quiet & comfortable and click below when you're ready to dive in.