Great Story Transformational Coaching

Your Great Story is the story your Soul came here to tell in this lifetime.

In Great Story Transformational Coaching you will learn to discern:

  • WHAT type of story you are telling. There are three primary types of stories we tell: a victim story, an overcoming story and a Great Story. We tell different ones at different times and multiple stories at once.
  • WHOSE story you are telling. Which part of you is the narrative voice of the story.
  • WHY is that part of you telling this particular story.
  • HOW to live your Great Story by piecing together you unique, one-of-a-kind map, and making it real every day.
Every story has a function and every story is important

We take a look back at your life to see the breadcrumbs from your soul: the key events that happened, the beliefs that were formed and the choices that were made because of these events. This is a necessary step to understanding the story you are living today, why you are telling it and where it is pointing you for your healing.


Stories are powerful.

As you begin to see the mechanisms behind your story, you can understand the deeper meaning of your life. You can then consciously create the story you are wanting to live.

Your Great Story is a life lived with self-awareness and love.

Greatness has nothing to do with external measurements of achievement… It has everything to do with embodying the courageous and authentic journey your Soul is calling you to make… It is a function of the emotional truth of your life.

- Leza Danly, Founder Lucid Living