The three key elements to living your great story

The three key elements to living your great story

This is how I work with clients.

First, we uncover your stories. Then we work on embracing your emotions. Finally, we focus on creating your empowered future.

Your Story

We create our lives from the inside out.

What happens in your inner world shapes what happens in your outer world. If your inner world is full of chaos your outer world will be full of chaos. If your inner world is full of ease your outer world will reflect that ease. We create our lives from the inside out.

By identifying your limiting beliefs, looking at your self-sabotaging patterns of thought, feeling and behavior you will shift your energy to create deeper connection and greater healing in your life.

The journey begins with looking at the stories you are telling. To break free of old limiting patterns you first need to understand whether you are telling a Victim or an Overcoming story. Both are important stories rich with learning and clues that lead to the deeper connection you crave. Once you understand and dismantle the limiting stories then you can be free to start living more fully from your “Great” Story, the story your Soul came to tell in this lifetime.

Embracing Emotions

Emotions are a powerful guidance system.

Great Story Transformational Coaching involves a deep embrace of the emotional journey. Authentic connection to our emotions is the only source of power and change.

Our healing comes from emotional fluency. What I have learned, seen in others and experienced in myself is that illness and dis-ease comes from living in separation from our emotions, our bodies and our spirits. Healing comes from authentic, vulnerable emotional ownership.

Emotional mastery is the key to our healing and to creating the life we long to live. Most of us have a limited range of emotions that are comfortable to us. Developing access to a full range of emotions unlocks the energies that keep us stuck in the struggle and overwhelm of life.

Emotions are a powerful guidance system. Unlocking the emotions we have denied frees up our energy and creates healing in our bodies and in our lives.

Emotions are the operating systems of the future.

- Leza Danly, Founder Lucid Living

Empowered Futures

We all have many possible futures.

Learn how to engage your future as an ally in living your Great Story and in your journey toward health and wellness.

Our current reality is a product of our future not a product of our past. This can be a radical shift from what we have been taught to believe and how we have lived in the past. We all have many possible futures we can align with, some more powerful than others. Which ones we align with determine how we will presently live.

Together we will create structures that will help to feed and to grow your Great Story. Your Great Story is being told by your empowered adult. It is a story of your passion, your triumph and your grace that connects you to yourself and the Divine. It is a story of love, joy and freedom.