Life Lessons From a Six-Year Old

Life lessons from a six-year old


I was walking along the Connecticut River this morning when a small human appeared next to me and started chatting away as if we were old friends. It turns out his name is Zander, he is six-years old, has an eleven day old hamster and two cats at home and he will be going to wizard school when he is older. Personally, I think he already does. I turned around to see his babysitter and younger brother (I know this because he told me) were walking quite a ways behind us and since they didn’t seem concerned that he had run up ahead to walk with a stranger I decided to enjoy his company.


He talked fast and walked faster. I kept up with both. I’ve only walked this particular path a few times but it has quickly become a favorite of mine. It’s very idyllic, full of beauty and peace but best of all it’s very close to my favorite place to enjoy breakfast. Each time I’ve been there I get to a point where I see a fence on the path and I assume you can’t go past it so I turn around and head back.


We had walked so far ahead of his people that they were out of view so I suggested we turn around and find them since we can’t go past the fence anyhow. He told me he could see a gate we could open on the fence to continue on. I have to admit I had never seen the gate or even considered there might be one. He ran up ahead to check. He comes bounding back and tells me the path goes around the gate. Yes, it’s true, we don’t even have to open a gate, if we just continue on the path it curves right around it!


It made me think of all the times in my life when I have stopped short of something because I simply assumed I couldn’t go any further. I believed my limitations were truths. We do it all the time in so many different ways. How many journeys have I pulled back from just before I was going to breakthrough or get to my destination?


More importantly where am I not going the distance now? How am I holding myself back from discovering a new path around and old obstacle?

I am grateful to that wise, adventuresome six-year old who seemed to appear out of nowhere and opened me up to push past my perceived limitations.


What beliefs do you need to let go of to get past your perceived limitations?

Are you willing to?


p.s. He also told me he was quite certain the Connecticut River started at one ocean and runs across the country to the other ocean.

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