Do you ever wonder if you will feel well enough to live a full and vibrant life?

Do you ever wonder if you will feel well enough to live a full and vibrant life?

Coaching for individuals with autoimmune issues

Welcome. I am Jill Wolk.

I coach individuals with autoimmune issues who are longing to live a full and vibrant life.

As someone who has lived with autoimmune issues for 25 years I have an unwavering commitment to my own healing and to helping others create greater healing in their lives.

You don’t have to let your health challenges define you.

You have everything you need for greater healing within.

unlock your remarkable ability to heal.

Are you someone who...

  • Feels overwhelmed by the challenges in your life?
  • Is trying to heal but has been blocked in some way?
  • Feels life is depleting you?
  • Feels cut off and separate from others in your life?
  • Is tired of not feeling well and wonder if you ever will again?
  • Has a determination to heal?

Together we will...

  • Look at the stories you are telling about your life.
  • Shift the limiting beliefs you hold.
  • Remove your personal blocks to healing.
  • Expand the toolkit of how you work with your illness.
  • Understand the type of story you are telling, why you are telling it and how to bring the healing needed to shift it.
  • Author a more empowering story.

Are you ready to write a story filled with greater love, joy and freedom?

Three key elements to living a vibrant life

My story

Changing my story changed my health

In 1992 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities and interstitial cystitis.

Throughout the next 23 years I saw many wonderful doctors and healers, completely changed my nutrition and lifestyle, learned and utilized many healing techniques. Along the way my health and quality of life steadily improved but I still wasn’t feeling truly healthy. That is, until I discovered the impact of the stories I was telling myself about my health and my life.

I was living in a victim story where I refused to take true responsibility and was looking for rescue outside of myself.  At a very young age I unconsciously created a law that I was not allowed to be happy which meant I was also not allowed to be healthy. 

Recognizing this enabled me to shift my beliefs and my choices. It gave me the ability to break through the barrier to healing I had created for myself, which then allowed me to create a life of greater love, joy and freedom.

Work with Jill

what others are saying

I’ve been practicing nutritionist for almost 40 years; I had a major in psychology and have gone to at least 100 workshops and seminars regarding self-help techniques like Tony Robbins; and have personally been in therapy on and off for about 35 years – I believe you can never be too emotionally healthy! I had a deep trauma in early childhood that I have been working with for about 20 years. Jill, through her work with me, has given me a huge piece to my own puzzle of buried emotional stories. I so much appreciated her work and I feel every healthcare practitioner would benefit going through  some sessions with Jill which would help them and their clientele.

Kenneth Yasny

Doctor of Nutrition

You'll laugh, you'll cry, but most of all you'll find a loving, fierce unwavering guide who will walk with you into the eye of the hurricane, where everything you need to create your Great (new) Story has been waiting for you all along.

Alessandra Cristina

We all hear testimonials that say something has “changed my life” but I can honestly say that working with Jill as my coach truly DID change mine.  For several years I had felt I was just going through the motions of life: struggling with low-paying jobs and living in a place that I hated.  I knew I wanted more, but I didn’t know how to get out of my own way.  Shortly after I started working with Jill opportunities started opening up.  Jill helped me gain the tools to make big changes and in only a few short months I have a job I enjoy and have moved to a place I love. I am living joyfully again! Jill’s authentic coaching style combines loving encouragement and supportive exercises to assist her clients with amazing results. Coaching with Jill Wolk was positively life changing! 

Elizabeth M.

New Jersey

Jill is a coach that I really trust!  She has deep wisdom, compassion and insight. She skillfully gets to the heart of things and then moves people forward in ways that align with who they are and what they want. Working with her is a deeply satisfying and nurturing experience!

Marcia Goldberg

Life Coach

Jill's guidance helped me find more courage, more inspiration and more joy in my life situation. And most importantly, I was more comfortable and excited about the now and the uncertainty that is inherent in living every day. Less scary, more fun! More fulfillment too. Jill even helped with suggestions as to how to move forward knowing and living the truth of my own story and ways to remember that story each day. I would recommend coaching with Jill if you want to become a stronger, happier version of yourself.

Joan Holliday

On-Air Personality WRSI/WHMP

During our sessions, Jill asked questions that made me think in a MORE PHENOMENAL WAY than I could imagine. Her gentle yet active attention to my inner exploration helped me step into possibilities that are now launching me into a successful new career. She was honest and straight forward in a way that made me feel safe and allowed me to challenge myself to try something new and recreate my life in my mid-50's! Her greatness lies in her profound listening skill, her vastly intelligent and insightful intuition, and her total willingness to support me through the discomfort and excitement of self-discovery.

Holly Hartmann

Catalyst for Change, Musician, Art Performer, and "Be The Prize" Educational Consultant

It has been enormously helpful and motivating to have Jill as my coach. Our work together has given me more confidence in myself and helped me [to] recognize and accept my talents. I so appreciate that she attends to both the intellectual and emotional realities of any situation: her unique perspective has raised my awareness of undermining emotions and helped me to take actions to move them aside so I can get on with my work.

David Schochet

Teen Life-Skills Coach, Educator

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