Reclaiming lost treasures

A friend emailed to say that she had just seen a photo of me that had been taken of me a few months back and that I looked “tough, smart, confident”.

 Tough, smart, confident…..  Me?


I sat with those words for a few minutes and remembered that, yes, I did used to be tough, smart, and confident.

I wondered, where did that part of me go?

Apparently she is still in me since she showed up in this photo. She is a part of me that I had dismissed, layered over and ignored for the past 30 years.

When I was a teenager I was tough. It was my defense and being tough on the outside served me well. I was also smart. As I entered my early 20’s I would even say I was confident. Over the years though I didn’t want to be tough anymore. My life changed and I became softer and gentler by choice and through my life experiences. I also became protective of myself by retreating rather that by being tough.



As soon as I read my friends words I knew it was time to let my inner adolescent  who was tough and smart back out. I see how she protected me at a time when I needed it. Now though, she can be tough in a way that fiercely takes charge and protects my ability to create the life I dream of. A fierce warrior for love

I am excited to claim, to play with, to integrate this Divine Masculine energy with the Divine Feminine energy that flows through me and see what mischief and magic we can create together!

What parts of you are you ready to reclaim?
How might they help you in your life right now?



If you are wanting a photo by someone who sees you and brings out the parts of you that are ready to come forth then Sandra Costello is your women. She took this photo as well as the other personal photos on my website. She is full of love and magic and you will never have more fun having your picture taken. I guarantee it!

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  1. Sandra Costello on February 16, 2019 at 12:40 am

    You’re pretty magical yourself! xoxo

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