Summer Vacation!

Remember that feeling you got on the last day of school? The anticipation of a whole long summer in front of you full of possibilities.


I decided my last day of school was last Friday.
I am taking a break from thinking, worrying, doing anything I don’t feel compelled to do. I’m making room in my head and in my schedule to play and explore.


I’ve been on an intense path of learning, doing, and creating for the past 5 years.


Living by myself for the first time in my life, dealing with major health challenges, a very full four year journey of becoming a Great Story Master Coach, deep inner work, making new friends, and creating a coaching practice. It’s been rich, fertile and frankly exhausting. I’m ready to let go, relax, explore, have fun, and break out of the cocoon I’ve kept myself in.


Here’s the structure I created for my summer vacation:

  • I unsubscribed to all the newsletters and inspirational emails I receive.
  • Less listening to teachings, podcasts, telesummits, TED talks, etc…
  • No more mindless time scrolling through Facebook. if I choose to spend time it will be deliberate and conscious, not habitual and addictive.
  • Create a structure for work – what I want to work on and when.
  • At least once every two weeks go someplace I haven’t been before.
  • Work on creative projects.
  • Reading only for fun.                                                                    


It’s time to slow down, explore and find out who Jill is, now, from a place of relaxed spaciousness. Listen to my own wisdom. Enter the mystery and see what emerges. Who am I becoming? Who do I want to become? How do I want to do it?


I want to invite you to ask yourself:

What is it you want this summer?

How do you want to feel?
How can you create it?


Call me if you want to hang out and have some fun!! Or if you want to explore the possibilities for your summer vacation.

Comment below and let me know how your summer is going.



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