The Rule of Two Feet


I went to Podcamp last weekend where I learned a lot of useful things but I think the most impactful was The Rule of Two Feet. Podcamp has a rule that if you are in a session and it’s not working for you, get up and leave.


The presenter doesn’t get insulted, no feels bad for leaving and everyone gets what they need. In other words you take care of yourself and trust that others are doing the same. Podcamp is there to serve you and this rule insures that it does.


I actually did get up and walk out of two sessions that I discovered weren’t of interest to me after they got started. The first time I hovered between not wanting to insult the presenter and waiting for it to get better. It took me a few minutes to get up and felt slightly awkward but I did and boy was I glad since my feet took me to another group that helped me learn something I wanted to learn.


I am now implementing this rule into other areas of my life. If I’m not enjoying a conversation I end it. If I am in a place that doesn’t feel right I leave. There comes a time in our life where we realize that no one is served when we tolerate a situation that makes us uncomfortable.


  • I’ll stop reading a book that bores me.
  • I’ll leave a movie I don’t like.
  • A friendship that drains me will be ended.
  • A class doesn’t interest me I’ll leave.
  • If I don’t feel well or have energy or just need me time I’ll cancel my plans or leave early.
  • I’ve gone through my inbox and deleted a bunch emails from groups I signed up for but feel too overwhelmed to read or listen to.
  • I cancelled several events from my schedule over the next few weeks that don’t really need to happen because right now I need the space in my life for what nourishes me the most.



                Life is too short not to use The Rule of Two Feet.


I’ve been sharing this rule with everyone and they have been happily using it as well. I invite you to invoke The Rule of Two Feet whenever you are in need of moving on to what will serve your well-being better.


How much permission will you give yourself to take care of yourself and to enjoy life more?


I would love to know how you use the Rule of Two Feet. 

Please share in the comments below and let me know.


If you want help with giving yourself permission to do this I’m here for you!



  1. Justin on April 15, 2018 at 8:40 pm

    Jill – this is great and I have been doing it; what I am noticing is how hard it is to walk when you have already unrated many years of time and energy into soomethjng or someone but we do literally need to creat space for the new and the rule of two feet provides for that

    • Jill Wolk on April 16, 2018 at 8:18 pm

      That is so true Justin, letting go frees up our own energy and allows for something new to emerge. Great noticing.

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