What’s Your Story?

What’s the story you choose to tell in 2019?



What’s the story you need to let go in order to do that?

The chapter of my story I am closing is the one where I believe I am less than powerful. It’s a story of fear, self-pity, overwhelm and martyrhood. Simply put, it’s my Victim story. It’s been a seductive story for me for far too long. One which I keep falling into when I don’t want to take full and true responsibility for my reality.

There is also the chapter where I keep myself on the treadmill of doing and proving and earning. It is my Overcoming story that was started long ago by my younger self who thought she had to prove that she mattered. My adult self now truly knows and chooses to believe that she matters. And so do you!

The story I am choosing to write for 2019 is a story of Magic, of Grace and of Openness. One where I am fully claiming my magic and opening more to create the life I am meant to live. One where I am OPEN to not knowing. Open to life, to love, to feeling ALL my feelings, willing to receive more goodness, truth and beauty.


It is a story where I live in my personal power, more fully. One in which I know I matter and I OPEN to share myself in service to others and to life.

It has taken me a long time to get here…and no time at all. It’s not a linear process, as you know from your own life. I still find myself seduced into my smaller stories by my smaller self but I am able to recognize when this happens quicker and choose to shift my energy faster than I used to.

I find that the more I am willing to feel ALL my feelings, to forgive myself and others and to celebrate life, the more I am able to expand into living the life I want to live.


We are all creating the stories we are living… all the time.


It’s our choice what story we choose to live today and every day. Personally I am tired of choosing the less than powerful stories, even if I am not always conscious of doing this in the moment. Today, I am choosing to consciously be Open and to create from my Magic and my Grace…..  And when I don’t I can hold myself in compassion and make a new choice.

I am curious, what is the story you are ready to write in 2019?

I would love to support you with this. Please contact me and we will create a plan that best works for you.


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